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A trip to the multiplex, refreshes Suzanne Coleman’s insight into the importance of the collective creative process.

Last night I went to see the Coldplay documentary film. Always a bit risky to admit to paying money to view what could essentially be viewed as a slightly unchallenging, cleverly edited, well curated and upbeat take on the history of the band.

For me however, love or hate Coldplay, there were some messages in this film that makes it essential viewing for agency and client folk who value insight into the creative process.

There was a real sense of the wil o’ the wisp nature of creative ideas. A song comes and you never know if it’s going to be your last one, you’re only as good as you last album (read concept), Plus the importance of keeping it fresh and creating disruption to the usual ways of thinking and approaching creative outputs (still not sure why Brian Eno encouraged the wearing of drums as hats but hey ho it seemed to do the trick).

And, in among the angst and friction, which is very much a part of creating work to be proud of, the sense of team. Although much of the pressure of the end product is shouldered by the creative powerhouse(s) in the band the quality of the final output is driven as much by the naysayers, sceptics and internal critics.

I’m saying absolutely nothing new here but sometimes it’s worth stating the obvious truths of our world again. Creatives, you have a super hard job and daily I take my hat off to your efforts, Planners, Clients and Client Service folk we are all instrumental (pun obviously intended) in the delivery of a great idea. As Chris Martin says ‘The truth of it is without the other three each of us would be screwed’

So if you want to spend a couple of pretty entertaining hours (Coldplay loathers you’ll just have to grit your teeth) and get a bit of a new perspective on the magic of what we all do everyday give it a watch…..and Coldplay boys I’m sure you can work out where to send my tickets to.


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