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And how to shine a light on it

If you’re a B2B marketer in any size of business, you’re probably somewhere on the path to digitisation and already using a whole new marketing language. Automated marketing, social CRM, sales-ready leads. It sounds like your job is going to be so much easier, until somebody mentions the word ‘content’.

“We’re going to need a lot of content. Who’s going to write it? How long will it take? What content do we need?”

But did you know that most businesses already have a wealth of valuable content, hiding in plain sight, and it could be engaging your customers. Right now.

Recently at Golley Slater we repurposed the content from our client’s customer magazine, creating an up-to-the-minute blog and social media programme. The content was there. And our client knew where to find it. So, where might your content be hiding?

#1 In your brochures

Product information and images that would normally reside in your brochures can be repurposed as bite-sized facts and visuals. This type of content is useful for social media and email marketing, in particular to target those audiences that are showing certain online behaviours that would indicate a specific product interest.

#2 In your magazine/newsletter

If you have a customer magazine, an in-house magazine, a newsletter, or all three, you’ll have a back catalogue of articles, features and images that can form an excellent basis for a blog. With a bit of careful crafting, longer features can be sliced up into a series of blogs and shorter articles can be stretched and made relevant to current market trends.

#3 In your website

Those pages that lie deep in the third or fourth tier of your nav can be dragged out into the light thanks to progressive personalisation. The niche audiences that these pages were originally written for are identifying themselves as individuals who would welcome the content you have hidden in your website.

#4 In your case studies

Whether they are documented or not, your case studies are the evidence of your success. This year’s trend reports are telling us that awareness of ‘fake news’ has given rise to ‘evidence’ as a fundamental criteria to convince buyers to trust you in 2018.

#5 In your head

The conversations you’re having in your meeting rooms behind closed doors will be littered with current, relevant insights into your market, how you are positioned, and what your audience needs. A good writer will be able to extract these content gems quickly and succinctly and realise their huge potential value for your business.

Good, hard-working, engaging content can be found hiding in almost all businesses. It can be refashioned, updated, brought into the light and made to shine, as part of a first class digitised marketing strategy.

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