5 Youtubers to Watch in 2017

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The popularity of YouTubers is ever-growing. YouTube boasts masses of content and variety which traditional TV channels can’t compete against. Alongside this, being a professional “YouTuber” is an enviable career which many people are competing to become. The big question is, what is the secret to gaining millions of subscribers and reaching YouTube stardom? We’ve compiled a list of some inspirational YouTubers and look at how they set themselves apart from the crowd…

1 Charles Trippy

The likes of Charles Trippy changed YouTube into what it is today. One of the first to daily vlog and share every day of his life with the entire world, Charles’ dedication to daily uploads didn’t stop when he fell ill with a brain tumour. He further revolutionized YouTube by live-streaming his brain surgery whilst awake, even making jokes during the surgery to his 1.4 million followers. His dedication to uploading videos has led to huge success and even a place in the Guinness Book of World Records. He has now been uploading videos every single day for 8 years!

2 Madeyewlook

Alexys Fleming isn’t your average beauty YouTuber. She puts a spin on make-up tutorials by creating and replicating different characters and creatures. She features tutorials from how to paint your face to look like Pennywise the clown, to look like you have a Snapchat filter on, or look like a human doll. Loved by her 2.3 million followers she also stands for anti-bullying and spearheads a diabetes awareness team.

3 Rosianna Halse Rojas

A down to earth YouTuber and self-confessed bookworm, Rosianna provides intellectual reviews for a range of genres, from food to careers and finding love she is definitely worth watching for her creative and motivational videos. She sets herself apart from the crowd by creating content that she truly believes in and talking deeply and thoughtfully about lots of relatable issues. In a cyberspace full of make-up tutorials, she spreads her enthusiasm and love of reading, which we think makes her stand out from the crowd.

4 Tai Lopez

With videos with subjects such as: “What career should you choose?” “How to be happier” and “How you can avoid procrastination”, Tai Lopez is a career advisor, self-motivator and friend all in one. Tai explains how to achieve wealth and be successful, as well as (most importantly) happiness. His talks are longer than your average vlog, but more than worthwhile. He tells his personal rags to riches story in a down to earth fashion and isn’t shy to share his tips and tricks with viewers.


No list of YouTubers would be complete without mentioning Zoella. Zoella, who started vlogging 7 years ago, has amassed a following of over 12 million and is now one of the biggest names in British YouTubing. She has built her YouTube fame into her own brand. Now the author of a variety of books selling over 78,000 copies in the first week, her own interior collection as well as (of course) a beauty range. Zoella’s fans are spoiled for choice with all the different products she sells.

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