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Around the world many of us will not be in the mood for pranks this April Fool's, out of respect for everyone fighting COVID-19.

So, to bring some light relief to the start of a new month, we're taking a look back at some of those April Fool's moments that made us smile.

Edible Metro newspaper

"Your morning Metro always aims to bring you news in the best possible taste – but now it should be even easier to digest."

In 2011, Metro tried to trick UK readers into believing that their daily edition could be eaten after reading. The April Fools’ gag was inspired by the 40th anniversary DVD re-release of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. This was the daily commute upgrade we were looking for.

O2 upside down text updates

Research shows more and more of you are checking your phones upside down. So from now on, every one of our messages can be read your way up. Very handy, we hope you agree. 

O2's announcement in 2016 stated that every customer update over SMS would be delivered in an upside-down format, because more people were reading their phones upside down.

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SunLife beard insurance

“Reassurance of knowing that if you were to lose your beard, you wouldn’t lose face 

In 2015, SunLife capitalised on the growing facial hair trend for the April Fool’s hoax, offering protection against “damage, malicious damage and travel cover”. The bearded guys in the office would have no issue forking out £3 a month knowing their pride and joy is well looked after!

Opentable’s lickable tech

With the OpenTable iOS or Android app, you can now sample a restaurant’s food directly from their phones — all you have to do is lick. 

‘Launched’ in 2016, OpenTable Taste was set to be the first 4D lickable technology in the market that allowed diners to taste dishes direct from the app. 

Now that we’re in lockdown living off beans on toast, we’re pretty annoyed with the OpenTable team for not making this a reality! 

IRN-BRU's ginger sperm bank

“It’s not like us to make a serious post, but this is a vital cause: the world’s first Ginger Sperm Bank. If you know anyone who can contribute, please encourage them to visit.” 

IRN-BRU's 2019 prank is number 5 on our list, and it’s brilliant. The G.I.N.G.E.R Institute was founded in 2019 by concerned post-doctoral researchers and genetic scientists, with simple missions - to preserve and celebrate gingerness. 

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