We’re seeing retirement in a whole new light since our visit to Audley’s new Redwood village. Yes, we can most definitely see ourselves living here. In fact, we’d like to move in now please. Where do we sign?

OK, so it might be a little early for us (some of us more than others), but our day spent in an Audley retirement village did wonders to rejuvenate our passion for the job we’re doing right now.

And it got us thinking.

More clients should encourage their agencies to experience their products. It can really make the difference between good marketing and brilliant marketing. You live and breathe your products every day, so it might be easy to underestimate the power of getting up close and personal for your agencies. We had several conversations with customers and sales people today, where we picked up priceless gems of insight that we wouldn’t find anywhere else.

The truth is, no matter how much we research and deliberate your customers, develop your brand story, innovate, create and communicate, nothing feeds our agency brains more than seeing, touching, smelling and feeling your product in the flesh.

And if your product is luxury living, all the better.


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