At Golleys we love a good head scratch about a classic marketing problem. Most recently we’ve been working closely with businesses who have a network of regional sites, to which they need to drive a healthy volume of good, purchase-ready customers.

Industries such as automotive, property, home improvements, certain retail sectors, leisure and tourism, still heavily rely on a flow of people physically visiting their sites and engaging with sales staff but, in many cases, traditional marketing methods are not working as well as they used to, to drive footfall. Today’s marketers need to be thinking smarter and getting to know their customers better, in particular, the potential customers in each of their catchment areas. Better understanding leads to better targeting and ultimately, better results.

If this sounds familiar to you, then you might find our paper, Turn up The Volume, interesting. We’ve broken down the steps we went through to get better results for one of our clients and why we believe that you don’t necessarily need to rethink your entire marketing approach, more that incremental improvements across a few key areas can add up to make a huge difference to your results.

Amanda Hobbins
Business Development Director

Golley Slater Results Marketing

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Better targeting with customer segmentation


Better results with regionalised targeting


Driving loyalty through customer insight

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