Ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

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Ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

Black Friday is an American import and traditionally heralded the start of store discounting on the first Friday following Thanks-Giving. The phrase ‘Black Friday’ is reference to the traffic chaos created as our American cousins put down their Turkey legs and stampede on mass to their nearest Walmart, to fight it out for the latest flat-screen discounted TV. 

Before Asda’s 2013 ‘Black Friday’ campaign the phrase in the UK had very different connotations and was more associated with the last Friday before Christmas when NHS and Police put in contingency plans to deal with the last ‘party Friday’ before Christmas.

More recently the trend has switched to online and driven by Amazon and other online retailers, essentially creating a Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend.  In just 24 hours around £1.2 billion is spent online, helping drive a general shift in Christmas spending from December to November in terms of total amounts spent.

So how do you succeed in e-commerce?  

If you’re in the e-commerce space (or want to be!) then Amazon is probably your biggest shop window. Outside of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Amazon Prime Days regularly attract over 40million UK visits in a single day. (source Hitwise).

So, if you want to succeed in the Amazon space, it’s essential that your products are displayed correctly. Take time to select the best images, remembering Amazon’s image guidelines (and their rules in general!) – white backgrounds, product image in the forefront. Then focus on the product description, think about how your product would be found on Amazon – what would you search for? Use these search terms in your product descriptions and use the body copy to describe product benefits not detailed technical specifications.

You can try and second guess the Amazon Algorithm that determines how and where your products appear in search results, but basics like optimising descriptions, managing stock/fulfilment/delivery and monitoring pricing will help you win in the ‘Buy Box’ battle.

And remember on Amazon, the customer really is king – good customer service is essential. As your product can’t be held or tangibly experienced in a physical store, reviews play an important part in the decision-making process for Amazon customers – great reviews drive conversions.

So, what are you waiting for? Further information on selling on Amazon can be found here 

And if you need further information or advice to optimise your e-commerce strategy, get in touch. We have a range of optimisation tools that can help enhance your e-commerce strategy, from Amazon and Google Shopper to Programmatic Digital display we’re here to help.

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