As a general rule, I believe Creatives are pretty versatile creatures. A good idea is a good idea, whichever way you slice it.

Whether that idea manifests itself into a snappy press ad, an action driven direct mail piece or a highly engaging banner ad, time has proven, the concept is everything.

From the early days of Direct Marketing, our agency’s brand literate approach to creativity has enabled clients to generate results without dragging their names through the formulaic mire. Thankfully, I believe that principle is just as true in the brave new digital world, as it was the last time creativity was ‘reinvented’.

Granted, you are only as good as the last click you generated. But it is being gradually accepted that that ‘click’ cannot be at the expense of your brand’s perceived value and integrity.

Once again, the principles of creativity are shining through and the value of a good idea is helping brands build trusted online relationships as well as delivering results.

Chris Stanley
Creative Director

Golley Slater Results Marketing


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