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September 14th, 2021

5 signs of an expert lead generation agency

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The challenge of choosing the right sales growth partner

If you’re reading this then you’re probably daring to try an out of the box approach to rapid top-line sales growth. And the quickest way to activate that growth is through partnering with an expert lead generation agency that delivers highly qualified leads.

However, just like how all watches are not created equally, the same can be said for external partnerships – the choice can be just as complex.

Let’s take the Garmin Fenix vs Classic Casio.

Both tell the time, but only one gives you performance-enhancing and intelligent data. Now, apply those same two features to your sales strategies. Which do you think will deliver more growth through a period of digital transformation? Which watch would your business wear?

Deciding to place your trust in an outsourced B2B agency is challenging because ultimately the results will reflect on your decision-making ability.

How can an external sales agency match the years of experience that you bring to your business?

How can you trust them to deliver? What exactly are they delivering? Do you even need lead generation? The worst outcome is a lack of results and a big hole in your budget. Hence, you must be certain that outsourcing is the best action to deliver you rapid sales growth and avoid falling victim like the clients we hear so often that have been ‘burnt’ by poor execution and results. You deserve better, but was does better look like?

Better looks like rapid sales growth

It’s as simple as that. The number of inputs going into a programme is irrelevant if they don’t translate into top-line sales for your business. Experts in B2B lead generation have their eyes on the prize. It’s not on the leads they generate, but it’s the ultimate sales conversion made by their clients. The winners in this space understand that, and at every point across the buyers’ journey, they’re applying a best-of-breed approach to find prospects with a higher propensity to convert.

Here are 5 signs you’re working with an expert lead generation agency…

#1 Experience and Proof of ROI

Arguably the most important sign is experience and proof of ROI. Instead of contemplating if a lead generation partner can match your experience in a certain sector or niche, you should be looking at their experience in their own niche and how it can be applied to your business challenges.

Whether it’s data strategy, inbound communications, or outbound lead generation, if your potential partner has been driving results in their space for an extensive period of time, chances are they’ve made the mistakes, learnt the lessons and are more equipped to tackle your specific challenges to deliver sales growth. The best way to benchmark results is through client references, case studies, and the kind of clients they work with. If they’ve partnered with blue-chips and premium brands just like your own, chances are they’re a good fit.

#2 An open-door policy & the feeling they’re part of your business

Lead generation agencies will provide you with transparent results from day one through an intuitive reporting and analytics platform.

This will allow you to aggregate the data to your heart’s content and see the ROI developing over time. But truly exceptional partners take it a step further with dedicated account management that will translate that data into actionable intelligence, alongside dedicated sales executives that integrate seamlessly with your existing sales team. Working with an agency with an open-door policy gives you the confidence that they are managing your business as if it was their own.

#3 A B2B buyer-focused mentality

Average B2B lead generation agencies only think of the top of the funnel. Expert lead generation partners will consider the full B2B buyers’ journey. That means conversion and beyond.

Expert B2B lead generation partners track your prospects journey from awareness to decision and understand the key touchpoints that drove them to that decision. If it’s a won opportunity, they’ll understand which touchpoints resonated, and enhance them for greater success. If they lose an opportunity, they’ll leverage the relationship created between the sales executives and your prospects to obtain that crucial information; is it a timing issue? Do they need more information? Capturing this information opens the potential to win them over at a later stage, and it helps to improve your prospective buyers’ journey, internal sales and marketing operations.

#4 A perfect blend of data, strategy and creative

The secret sauce to any sales activities is competitive B2B data, and this rings especially true for a targeted and strategic lead generation program. High-performance data will allow the program to reduce the time spent on the wrong prospects, and more time with the prospects that are likely to buy.

However, competitive data alone doesn’t win prospects. It lays the foundation for future success by capturing the right information to inform strategic and creative campaigns to cut through the noise and place your brand in front of your prospect. Expert partners realise that data + strategy + creativity = sales growth. And quite frankly, few B2B agencies have the capability, experience and understanding to enact all three to great success.

#5 A mentality to make you the BEST

A B2B sales growth agencies sole goal is to make their clients heroes. They will demonstrate an understanding of your challenges, your motivations, and what makes you win…and then they’ll take that onto the next stage. The last thought to consider is this; in a world where collective information is shared now much more easily, and where the B2B market is finite, it’s their reputation on the line as much as yours.

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