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January 18th, 2023

Is AI taking over the creative industry?

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In the last year, there has been a significant progression in the use of AI in the creative field – and this is just the beginning. As a designer and creative for 8 years, I’ve seen a huge change in how the industry views AI technology and where it’s taking the arts…

What started as free apps on phones to create quirky artwork, has now developed into something much more advanced. Some may say, even sinister. With everyone having access to it, I won’t lie, I was a little freaked out initially. Especially, when I saw what you can do on some of these programmes. My first panicked thought was, “Should I be looking for another vocation?”

People who have never picked up a pencil in their lives are now able to create intricate, detailed and clever images…

A new trend to develop your portrait in AI for free has recently gone viral. With people all over the world posting their AI-created portraits on social media.
AI has given people the ability to sign and sell their work, giving themselves the title of “artist”. These tools and programmes are advanced. Eventually, we’ll be one click away from having the ability to do almost anything on screen! Eeek.
There is even a new programme that creates extremely detailed 3D mesh models (in less than 40 minutes) when prompted with the right words. These models are being used in video games and CGI art and look incredible. Detailed models literally from typing in a few verbs and nouns, what is even happening?
AI portraits of 4 women

Not only is AI used for visuals, but it is also used to create scripts, stories, music and even generate business plans! Maybe it’s not just the arts in trouble?

I recently tested an AI app that creates imaginative short stories after typing in silly prompts. It was bizarre. I simply typed things like “man with blue toe” and “half man half shark”. To be honest, I don’t know what outcome I was expecting. But they definitely delivered and I spent the majority of the time reading with my jaw on the floor thinking; how is this even possible?
But what does this mean for us creatives? Should we be concerned about AI impacting our future – and will it make our roles redundant as the technology develops? Let’s hope not!

The benefits of AI technology

Although this is a scary time and who knows how much it will develop in the (near)future, there are definitely huge benefits to the technology. Some of the most pain-staking visual effects like rotoscoping and tracking will become automatic thanks to a high level of precision with AI. This technology will, without doubt, open us up to new ways of designing, creating a new era of the arts and broadening our already pretty extensive horizons. That’s pretty cool, right? The opportunities are, dare I say, endless!

We can use AI to create the most intricate product shots in a quicker and more effective way. Without having to spend the time and money on photoshoots and touch-up artists.

In fact, one of our Senior creatives used this technology to create some awesome shots of some of the brands we work with. And if you ask me, they look amazing, not to mention took considerably less time than if they had been digitally drawn.

Three Fanta bottles created in AI and three schweppes cocktail product shots
For all those gamers out there waiting for new releases that boast detailed visual effects, the wait will be much shorter. With new technologies like AI, games will be able to be generated faster and faster. The only downfall is you’ll be backed up with games that haven’t been completed before the next one is released!
Another argument we could make is that AI will never be able to solve creative problems in the same way that a human can. Our many emotions enable us to look at issues not only head-on but from outside the box. We can create with compassion, empathy, wit and humour, amongst many other emotions. This is what helps us connect with consumers on a deeper level than just pretty artwork. Whereas a computer is unable to do this, or at least until its program develops so much that they out-human humans. Until then, they will at least need a human to insert the words and phrases to generate the desired work.
For now, I think we can be excited about what’s to come this year. I can’t wait to see what exciting things 2023 holds for AI and how it will benefit us. That’s not to say we won’t be “bending the knee” to AI, in fear of the world’s new master in a few years.
I, for one am at comfort with the knowledge that they may take our skills… but they will never take our passion!