Generating Deeper People Relationships (GDPR)

The holy grail of one-to-one advertising has always been to create deeper and more meaningful relationships between brand and customer with communications they welcome rather than ignore, or even worse, communications that irritate.

Perhaps beyond the business challenges of GDPR legislation lies the holy grail for the direct marketer. Better data, willingly given. It’s not just a value exchange but an exchange of trust.

Experian research identifies that customers increasingly expect us to get their data right. Over 70% of customers in their recent study expected data accuracy every time. The same study identifies the opportunity to develop our databases with opted-in prospects with a growing number of people each year more open to the idea of sharing their data – as long as it is used well.

With the GDPR stick whipping us along, we should, as agencies and brands, relish and seize the opportunity to think more creatively to make our brands continually appeal to customers and generate their buy-in for more contact. Contact that is more meaningful than being chased around the web with the goods you’ve just viewed and rejected or indeed already purchased. Better use of the data that has been shared in good will to get content that can delight. We at GSRM are more motivated than ever to continually captivate our customers.

We can all get better organised with our data. Content and channel possibilities become ever greater. We can carve out a narrative through new social interactions, timely messaging and helpful content that promotes trust and action. We can use format and promotion innovatively to deliver experiences that our customers seek. Once we have gone through the eye the needle, I do believe that businesses that embrace the new world of GDPR will see value fall to the bottom line as marketing becomes better and more efficient.

Rebecca Braithwaite
Planning Director

Golley Slater Results Marketing

Cotswold Outdoor

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