Is your goldfish trying to tell you something?

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According to a recent study by the Associated Press, we humans have a shorter attention span than a goldfish. Fish-food for thought when you are planning your next piece of content!

If you want to create a frenzy for your brand, you need to follow some keen principles, so that you don't become as lost as Nemo.

Focus on 6 simple principles:

Know your customer

Understand what makes them tick, what questions are uppermost in their mind, what and who influences them and where their affinities lie. Then exploit these mercilessly in carefully crafted content.

Don't drone on

Be concise and get to the point. Definitely don't drone on about yourself! People are looking for reasons to ignore you. So, talk about them and their world.

Engage them in a conversation with you

It's hard to get people to read about you. Even harder to get them to share. So be personable, warm, witty even, and confirm their beliefs. Give them a reason to pass your message on and affirm their views.

Give a point of view

Don't be afraid to be a little controversial or raise an opinion that will resonate strongly with your audience.

Think about where your prospect is in their 'journey'

Are they already engaged with you or are they seeing you for the first time? Tailor content around their particular needs and behaviours.

Finally, enjoy creating your own content

And put passion into it! Passion can be felt and passed along. We hope these simple principles will help you focus your thoughts when you're next fishing for inspiration to improve the quality of your content.