6 Instagram food and drink trends of summer 2017

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We love our food and drink trends here at Golley Slater and are lucky enough to be surrounded by some of the best bars and restaurants in the capital. We’ve taken some time to reflect on some of the summer’s culinary fads – we’ve had freak shakes, the “croll” (that’s the croissant roll to you non-pastry lovers) and let’s face it, avocado everything! We’ve had everything from super healthy and super indulgent concoctions, but what these crazes have in common is their Insta-worthiness. Something that is so super that we’ll wait that extra minute before consuming it to get the perfect Instagram shot.

But don’t worry if you’ve still not come across “cloud eggs” for breakfast – yes, really – we’ve served up our favourite Insta-rational food fusions on a plate for you. So, sit back and enjoy, but maybe don’t read on an empty stomach!

Unicorn and mermaid lattes

Like its elusive and mythical inspiration, the Unicorn Latte created by Starbucks was only available for a limited amount of time earlier this year. The sparkly sugar-filled drink pretty much broke the internet with 4,000 mentions alone on Instagram, and hundreds of varieties made off the back of the craze. This summer Starbucks conjured up the Mermaid Latte, complete with violet ‘pearls’ from the depths of the ocean… but looks like us Brits will have to wait for our fairy-tale sugar fix as both creatures are yet to make it across the pond.

Cloud eggs

One of the newest cool-kid foods on the Instagram scene are these ‘cloud’ eggs made by whipping egg whites into a fluffy bed, baking them, adding the yolk to the centre, and baking them some more. Apparently great for weight loss, the eggs contain protein which in turn amps up satiety and helps build lean muscle mass, keeping your metabolism revved, says California-based research. Some people have even gone as far as adding food colouring to the eggs to mimic Dr. Suess’s green eggs and ham.

Rainbow bagels

This trend started in a New York bakery in Brooklyn, possibly the most hipster place on earth, but it sent every foodie insane. The coloured bagels, which in our opinion looks like play-doh, resembled a rainbow and looked so magical that meant millennials couldn’t get enough of them, with over 40,000 mentions on Instagram!


A bit like marmite, people on Instagram either loved or hated this fad. Is it a waste of time, has the chef just found a short cut? Or is it a little experience in its own? Some restaurants and cafes around London and beyond began to serve deconstructed food and drinks to their customers. For example, imagine a coffee but served as milk, sugar, hot water and coffee all separately, wouldn’t you have just waited till you got home?

Avocados are life

According to The Grocer sales of our favourite green fruit have increased by 184% in the last four years to reach nearly 38,000 tonnes in the past year. We’ve seen the classic avocado on toast, the avocado burger bun, avocado truffle, avocado roses and avocado coffee cups! And the latest update of the emoji’s even saw the introduction of the avocado so we can continue to share the avo-love.

Black is the new black

Popping all over the place this summer, charcoal coloured items have been a talking point across the web as a particular food and drink trends. In particular, black ice-cream became Instagram’s flavour of the month in May. It’s created by using the charred remains of a coconut shell and mixing it with coconut flakes, coconut milk and coconut cream. It also came in a black waffle cone and can be topped with ‘unicorn tears’.

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