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X-Factor is changing, our learnings from the ITV showcase

In order to help the brands we work with navigate the TV media landscape we recently attended ITV’s Showcase based in Manchester. ITV provides a comprehensive and holistic event that’s designed to offer regional media agencies with current and relevant insights that allow them to leverage the power of TV and establish its place in the digital world.
Described as a 3 pillared strategic approach, that combines partnerships, creativity, and innovation, Kelly Williams, ITV’s Commercial Managing Director outlined the importance of innovation for the future ITV’s media offering. Williams went on to detail how the partnership with ad platform, Amobee, has paved the way for the media owner to develop a platform that provides advertisers with a far more targeted route to market via their TV network and on-demand platform the ITV Hub. This essentially means ITV can offer both broadcast reach as well as targeted, data-driven advertising.

For anyone that loves winter if only for wrapping up in oversized jumpers and setting down for the latest episode of X-Factor, brace yourself….X-Factor as we know it is changing! The standard format is no more, in favour of two new variations - Celebrity X Factor – expect the usual sob stories and questionable vocals only with your favourite celebs and X Factor All Stars – where many of the shows ‘legends’ will be invited back to compete for the title of The X Factor’s Ultimate Star. It’s fair to say this format is going to present some extra uncertainties when deciding how to allocate media budget towards such a high-profile prime-time weekend show, so it was great for us to hear more about the future format ahead of these changes.

To top off the event, Kenyatte Nelson, Chief Brand Officer at N Brown Group and Abi Pearl, Head of Advertising at Giff Gaff shared their experiences of TV sponsorships, and how the brands have used this format to leverage greater brands recall, sales uplift and brand loyalty. The discussion initially centred on the clothing brand Misguided’s and their sponsorship of Love Island 2018, that was hugely successful, generating an immediate sales uplift and over time increasing brand advocacy. Echoing these experiences was Abi Pearl, with GifGaff’s TV sponsorship of the Voice.

The sponsorship was run as part of an integrated campaign with Twitter, and saw GifGaf trending on Twitter each Saturday evening throughout the series. This increased their brand visibility and exposure to a huge audience and positioned the brand as a telecoms provider with tangible benefits.

Through this ITV reaffirmed their position and strength as a prominent media channel and cemented their approach with how they plan to adapt for a digital TV future.

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