Top 5 media tips for Universities recruiting students in 2020

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With schools, colleges and Universities closed and teaching having all gone online, what does this mean for recruiting students in 2020 to Universities and colleges? According to the UK Government website, “Students who were due to sit A level, AS level or GCSE exams this summer will receive a calculated grade. The calculated grade process will take into account a range of evidence including, for example, non-exam assessment and mock results.”

This means that clearing will still happen. What the start of the new school year will look like is still undetermined. During these uncertain times, one thing you do want to be certain of is your brand presence among the potential student population. We are advising educational institutions not to pause their marketing activity, but to adjust and adapt to the here and now.

There are some obvious benefits to using a media agency, from much lower media buying rates through to our detailed analytics and lots of time-saving. But many of our education partners work with us for our expertise – because media is what we do, all day, every day. And for that reason, we wanted to share some of that expertise, and so we’ve pulled together our top five tips and facts about why you should be using a media agency today.

Did you know that TV advertising is the lowest price it has ever been and is forecasted to remain low until at least August? If you have never done TV before now is the time to consider it.

Use a media agency to ensure your Clearcast process is smooth and buying power maximised.

Tik Tok has a staggering 41% of its total users between the ages of 16-24. This provides the perfect space to reach your audience who spend up to an hour a day there.

Use a media agency to get the best prices and precision targeting so you waste none of your budget.

Whilst we are still in lockdown, TV and online advertising are still the most dominant and effective media channels; but as lockdown begins to further ease the media landscape will change and will change quickly so be prepared.

Use a media agency that has established supplier relationships to be reactive and flexible to the changing media landscape and they will deliver you better cross channel results.

What you say and how you say it is incredibly important right now. A Thinkbox Lockdown survey conducted from 2nd – 30th April found ‘Brands that are contextually relevant to the current situation are winning out (for now)’.

Use a media agency that understands the importance of content in relation to media to make the messaging most effective for that platform.

50% of all searches will be voice searches by 2020, according to ComScore. You need to consider your sonic brand and presence now more than ever before.

Use a media agency who has a comprehensive understanding of the digital landscape and how this will play a role in the lead up to clearing.

We have vast experience of working with Universities over clearing, delivering successful campaigns of all shapes and sizes and successfully recruiting students. Our approach is agile to meet the needs of the University and work alongside your teams in areas where we can add economies of scale or expertise and efficiencies of delivery through our solutions.

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