Sometimes great work just deserves a shout out.

Today at Golley Slater Results Marketing we’re celebrating the sophisticated, multi-channel marketing we produce for Audley Villages, and sharing the work that continues to deliver beyond expectations.

Combining website, social, email, direct mail and door drop to target an affluent B2C audience.

Here we share three principles that have led us to successful multi-channel marketing.

#1 Layering

Tempting as it is to launch with a big, multi-channel splash of activity, our sensible heads tell us to start with one core channel. Take time to understand customer interactions, collect insight and establish results. After that we layer in new channels, one at a time, over time. By measuring the impact of combining channels, we can get the best out of each new combination, before layering in the next.

#2 Targeting

Multi-channel targeting has kept costs down and results up. Consistent with our layering approach, we first build targeting models for a primary channel (for example direct mail) and then use the same model applied to social media, broadcast, digital and door drop. Working with the rules and constraints of each channel’s targeting opportunities, we can use this approach to achieve a highly targeted experience for a core audience, with minimum wastage.

#3 Delighting

With so much brand interaction now happening before you ever meet your customers, multi-channel marketing needs to deliver an experience of your brand that sets high expectations for your product or service. We see our role as delivering the ethos of your brand to your customers through every touch point; delighting, exciting and inspiring them so you will have little to do to convert them, when you do meet.

And finally, never stop learning. Even if we far exceed results targets, there’s always a way to improve ROI. We wouldn’t be called Golley Slater Results Marketing if we weren’t like a dog with a bone when it comes to results.


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