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What were the most popularly used words in 2020? Coronavirus? COVID-19? Unprecedented? Of course they all were.. but TikTok certainly was one!

TikTok exploded with popularity in 2020, especially heightened throughout lockdown. As we were locked indoors, we found ourselves with more time on our hands than ever while attempting to block out the less positive news of the global pandemic. Coming to the rescue was TikTok, as it found a whole new way to uplift and engage with different audiences. The TikTok community was fully immersed with the dances and challenges; they made people feel like they were a part of something, they reconnected people globally and the online conversation was bigger than ever – no matter the language!

Social media is forever growing at an extremely rapid pace as we all try to keep up with all the latest trends. They all learn from each other and TikTok’s popularity has become evident and we are beginning to see cross platform “contamination” (pardon the COVID reference). For example, Instagram now has “Reels” and Snapchat now has “Spotlight”.

Let’s talk about the famous TikTok dances. Yes, we’ve all heard of them. And hate to admit that we watch them. Maybe even attempt them! In all honesty, I used to mock my younger sister for doing these TikTok dances and challenges and vowed that I would never download it myself. However who saw a global pandemic coming our way?! What is ironic is that I downloaded the app purely for lockdown survival to see what today’s Gen-Z’s were doing for clout and to see what all the fuss was about, now my TikTok addiction is real and I know that I am certainly not alone on this.

TikTok has the power to resonate with individuals, with the tailored ‘For You’ page shows content based on what the platform’s algorithm has learnt about you. The catchy upbeat songs and quotes manage to remain in people’s heads for days, if not weeks! I find myself saying TikTok quotes in my daily conversations. Now imagine displaying your brand and messaging to an already engaged audience, so it “lives in their head rent free?” (Sorry, that is a TikTok quote!)

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