About PRM

Understand CRM and how to manage and retain existing customers?

We believe that how you acquire new customers should follow the same methodology, approach and tenacity as how you look after existing customers. Prospect Relationship Management (PRM) is therefore the mirror image of CRM and consists of a 5-pillar approach:

Data – Creating robust and believable prospect universes (who you can do business with in the UK)

Demand Generation – Creating demand for your product using traditional and innovative marketing technologies

Nurture – Nurture your prospects consistently until they are sales channel ready.

Track – Sales conversion of your prospect pipeline using bullet proof strategies and technologies.

Evaluate – Continuously evaluate real prospect insight to drive more efficient marketing and sales activity and ultimately consistently improve ROI.

We have over 12 years’ experience delivering end to end PRM programmers into blue-chip companies across a number of b2b sectors including: Telecoms, Utilities, Manufacturing, Education (FE and HE), Tech, and Retail.

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