PRM Academy

In October 2017 we launched the PRM Academy in partnership with DigitalMe, a City & Guilds business.

The PRM Academy, an innovative online training programme seeks to identify, recognise and reward skills of our employees. The City & Guilds accredited credentials are used transferred throughout their career paths.

Existing systems and traditions prevent employees from making their accomplishments visible, and for businesses to be able to acknowledge the successes of its workforce. Credentials awarded through the PRM Academy are made visible online, so customers, clients and colleagues can note the knowledge, skills and competence of our people.

All PRM employees are required to undertake credentials in data protection – in readiness for GDPR - the PRM product, prospect engagement, lead generation, direct sales and our client’s sectors.

Feedback from the team and clients so far has been very positive and several milestone badges have already been awarded.

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