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Email marketing is getting more and more sophisticated and is about to play a bigger role in the marketing mix than ever before. Automation is fast becoming the norm with segmentation, progressive personalisation and dynamic content all contributing to a better customer experience.

As GDPR forces us to be more engaging and sensitive to our opted-in customers, better practices are emerging. We’re excited about the future of email marketing because these customer-focused trends can only be a good thing for results.


#1 Segmentation


With GDPR comes leaner, cleaner data and an inevitable greater focus on segmentation. Mitsubishi’s ASX range has polarised segments of drivers who enjoy its benefits, for very different reasons. Our successful email marketing campaign differentiated mums from urban drivers, getting to the heart of each group’s motivations and creating relevance in their individual worlds. And with greater relevance comes better results.


#2 Automation

Loteri Cymru

No longer just accessible to those with the biggest budgets, automation in email marketing is becoming increasingly popular and more affordable. For Loteri Cymru, the Welsh National Lottery, we created a series of rules-based, automated triggers, from countdown to welcome and reactivation. Our approach was to start simple, analyse response and apply learnings which progressively improved results.


#3 Dynamic Content

Center Parcs

Improving customer experience is a familiar objective of email marketing strategies, with dynamic content playing a significant role. We re-engineered the customer journey for Center Parcs visitors, using dynamic content to quickly identify their unique choice of activities and personalise their experience. Visitor spend was up, thanks to these more personalised communications.


#4 Story Telling

The Royal Mint

Even the most promotionally-driven brands are shifting towards engaging loyalty with the help of brand stories. The Royal Mint traditionally promoted its collectable coins using one-off campaigns. We helped them develop their brand narrative and articulate it across communications, resulting in longer-lasting customer relationships. In the GDPR world, more priority is given to retaining loyal customers.


#5 Reactivation


As more email marketing becomes automated, and brands put a higher value on opted-in customer data, we all expect to receive more retention and reactivation emails with relevant and personalised content. This is something we at Golley Slater Results Marketing have been doing for years. For Nationwide, we’ve been journey mapping and driving loyalty across a broad reach of products for their 15 million members.

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