Data & Insight

Your customer data could be your most valuable asset. Our experts have the unique combination of skills it takes to access that value to meet almost any marketing challenge.

Whether you want to segment your customers to drive loyalty or sales value, or you need to develop a greater understanding of the size of your potential audience and where to find them, we help you find the answers that data insight can give you.


In today’s world of endless targeting possibilities, we’ve seen huge improvements in marketing results. With access to some of the UK’s largest databases, we have the skills and the tools you need to develop intelligent targeting models.

Let our targeting experts help you scope, sculpt and sharpen your brand opportunity and enjoy the rewards.


We give you a closer understanding of your market potential and customer value with data analytics that define and size you audience, including profiling, segmentation, modelling and scoring.

Whether you want to segment your data, or whether an efficiency model would help you to spend your budget more wisely, our analysts speak your language and get better results.

A world of data

At Golley Slater we have access to some of the UK’s largest databases from Blue Kai to Experian – but what makes us different is knowing how to get the best out of these resources to achieve your specific marketing objectives.

Understanding data and how to make it work harder and deliver value for you is the lifeblood of our business.

Meet Helen

Data Director

“True insight tells you something you didn’t already know. You only get that from asking the right questions of your data.”

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