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Major global out-of-home campaign to run across China, Europe, Japan, Middle East, North America, South Africa, UK and United Arab Emirates.


This campaign will run in over 60 countries to welcome people out of the coronavirus lock-down. Its set to launch this month and is set to be the biggest OOH campaign to date!

This has got us thinking at Golley Slater HQ about our international media buying capabilities and to show you that you don’t need a global network agency to deliver dynamic, intelligent, and cost-efficient media plans.


Location Targeting


Location targeting on a global scale can mean by country, region, or down to a longitude-latitude location anywhere on the globe. When a luxury yacht brand wanted to target UHNWI (ultra-high net worth individuals), the world was literally their oyster. Not limited by location, meant that we could target specifically on a global basis where these global individuals resided and deliver their brand to them in a time that they were open to the messaging. This included geo-targeting international boat shows in places such as Monaco and Munich as well as ring-fencing specific marinas.

Tourism boards regularly rely on advertising themselves to an international audience. One tourism board that we have worked with for over 5 years had target territories identified in Europe which required traditional media planning and buying. Did you know for example that if advertising in France, your content needs to be compliant with Loi Toubon? Similarly, in Wales, there is the The Welsh Language Act.


International Media Buying


International media buying can also work in the reverse. We have clients based in the United States and Denmark that use us as their media buying agency for UK media space. Golley Slater is part of a Global Independent Agency network called ICOM. The purpose of this network is to build global brands through a strategic planning process, complete integration, local insights, and top-level service that produces results.


What to watch out for:

  • Currency fluctuations. Always make sure you plan a contingency to allow for changes in currency when buying internationally.
  • Local laws. Always be aware of how the content needs to be presented within the space you are buying in order to comply with the laws of that country.
  • Look for a reputable agency that is part of an accredited network such as ICOM and is regulated in their own country such as the IPA in the U.K.



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