Why it’s time for B2B organisations to be opportunists again

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2020 is over. Let that sink in for a minute, it feels good, right? Well sort of, as we’re not through the woods quite yet, but the vaccine is well under way which means life will gradually return to normal and with any luck, instead of chanting ‘It’s coming home’, we’ll be chanting ‘we’re leaving home!’… for the pub… to watch the Euros 2021. Remember how good the summer of 2018 felt? It was baking hot, and England had just finished fourth in the world cup. Fourth! Pubs were packed, spirits were at an all-time high and there was genuine hope that the nation was going to really bring it home. There will be songs of that summer reminiscent of the summer ‘69.  This summer, if we band together, work together, and take advantage of the opportunities of the new world, well... let’s just say it’s going to feel as if England had indeed brought it home.

But this won’t happen. Not unless we do the crucial elements of banding together, working together and taking advantage of the opportunities. Because they will arise again.

Changing our mentality

Our mentality needs to change, 2020 burned us all, some sadly more than others, and we all had to enter survival mode because of fear of the unknown. Some in the B2B world remained in their opportunist mentality and reaped the benefits. These organisations thought what better time to start and/or grow a business when everyone else has closed themselves off?  These opportunists are now big competition, and when businesses slowly begin to return to the market, new challengers will await. But the unknown is now known and so we must have no doubts, it’s time to enter the opportunist mode once again.

A message to the opportunists

Perhaps you’re one of the few that remained in opportunist mode throughout lockdown, then your challenge is not in changing your mentality, rather it is retaining the position you so rightly claimed whilst everyone was sleeping. Your further opportunity lies in continuous expansion, optimisation and sales growth partnerships to solidify your new position.

Enough doom and gloom

The message to B2B organisations who still fear the unknown - don’t close yourself off. Don’t stay in survival mode if it’s not necessary to continue to do so, because fear spreads, but hope spreads too, and if our message to our buyers, our suppliers, and our partners is one of opportunity and hope, then doors will re-open and growth will be obtainable once again. Our proposal? Seek help from experts like agencies and consultants that know how to achieve sales growth, trust your mission and use 2021 as a chance to rebuild the nation as independent and economically strong. Oh, and let’s beat Croatia in the Euros this year!

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