Voice Campaigns - A Future prediction within Digital

With pages being optimised for SEO purposes and being the foundation of a highly relevant landing page for any paid search / display campaigns, it is important that a keyword strategy is also extremely relevant. This is where these search / display campaigns can excel. Have we ever considered a voice campaign?

What is becoming more apparent is the use of ‘voice searches’. This can be via the “Hey Siri” or “Okay Google”. More and more people are buying a Google Home Mini or an Amazon Echo and using these exciting bits of technology to search for something.

Voice Campaign Speaking

Voice campaigns are coming

I believe that this ‘voice search’ activity is currently building and building so that the future will involve voice activated search campaigns. Every query, every outspoken thought, every variation of a question that goes through the voice search channel is all part of a data building process. Solutions or highly relevant content will be returned to the user to help with the query.

Currently this is a market that has low competition – so it’s key that we identify opportunities to capitalise on this for when it does take off. Let’s start tailoring copy so that we are best place to be present when a voice search is carried out.

Google has search, display, shopping, video and app campaign types to set up within Google Ads. It would not surprise me if there are plans to start rolling out a ‘voice’ campaign type. Let’s make sure we are ready!

Joe McMullen

Digital Media Manager


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