Wales Week In London 2018

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We’re a sponsor of Wales Week in London, which annually celebrates and promotes the best of Wales in the English capital around the time of St. David’s day.

As a Welsh business working UK-wide, we feel Wales Week in London is a perfect opportunity for us to promote the great creative scene of our small but clever nation.

Our Idea

This year we used our sponsorship to monument Welsh creativity. Literally.

Our idea was to take over a famous London landmark and do something so creative that it would stop commuters in their tracks and get them to pay attention to Welsh talent. We set up a ‘fifth plinth’ on Trafalgar Square, in the heart of London’s art scene, and asked six exciting creators to pose as real-life statues, while showcasing their creativity and proud heritage. Our group of fab creators included designers, artists and entrepreneurs. They all stood proudly as statues on an epic plinth, designed and created by Wild Creations, whose founder, Matt, was one of our six collaborators.

As part of our ‘Wales Creates’ series we’ve been out and about meeting and interviewing this eclectic group of people who have been giving us their take on Wales’ creative scene.

We’ve created a mini series of interviews, that have been shared across our social media, to demonstrate just how passionate and proud we are of our home-grown talent.

Want to know more? Head to our blog page to read what we’ve been up to!

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