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If last night, around 9 pm,  you had just sat down to start watching Celebrity Best Home Cook, then you may be forgiven for missing the Twitter explosion that took place.

What unfolded was a truly magical piece of organic marketing that grew and grew in momentum; and what was it all sparked by? Baked Beans and Weetabix! More controversially, Baked Beans ON Weetabix as a breakfast suggestion. Well, this seemed to invoke some kind of curiosity amongst the Twitterati and before we knew it brands from all sectors and categories were getting involved!

Brands such as Google, Sky, Innocent, Specsavers, and Dominos got stuck into the discussion, answering exactly how we would imagine them to (if they were humans). Even countries like Israel got involved, and organisations such as the NHS, RSPCA, and GCHQ! *Maybe baked beans and Weetabix is what connect us all?*

Why is is that we just love when brands talk as if they were real people? Engaging with a brand as if it was a human being with human traits makes it relatable. This is what Innocent smoothies do so well on a daily basis. The reactions last night were authentic, real, and timely. They were not brands trying to force themselves into the situation, or ‘sell’ their products to an engaged audience watching the trail unfold.

It reinforces our perceptions and expectations that we have of those brands and reinforces the heuristics that we have already created. Seeing each of the different brands and organisations (some that are usually serious in their nature such as GCHQ and OfCom) kept the conversation going and gave brand exposure they would have never usually seen before.

Weetabix and Heinz Twitter

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