Win Back, Win Big!

Shopper Marketing – AS Watson European Retailer Toolkit


The global pandemic severely impacted sales across European drug stores including health & beauty outlets, chemists etc. 

Our shopper marketing team were challenged to come up with creative ideas for how AS Watson could drive shoppers back into their stores and more specifically, the health & beauty category.  


With a focus on driving shoppers back into stores, we created a highly engaging campaign and supporting retailer toolkit that highlighted all the innovation and new products that they might have missed out on during lockdown.  

To do this, we created the concept, ‘Have you Tried it Yet?’ and developed this into creative to be rolled out across all AS Watson drug stores. We then went on to build a retailer toolkit showing how our campaign (and subsequent products) could work live in store.  


Since launching the campaign in June 2021, we have been inundated with requests to supply the final assets to many different European markets who had seen our work and were keen to activate it.