Customer experience is everything to luxury retirement brand, Audley Villages. And the Audley experience starts a long time before you will ever set foot in one of their properties.

From a sophisticated, contemporary website, to personalised, premium-quality mailings, email and social campaigns, every element of the marketing is designed to set suitably high expectations for the customer. And in turn, our clients at Audley Villages have developed suitably high expectations of the marketing results.


A retirement village or a boutique hotel? You may well wonder this when you first visit the Audley Villages website.

Great care has been taken with the design and user experience to reproduce Audley Villages' luxury lifestyle online, whilst making it easy to access all the information customers look for at key stages of their retirement-living journey.

The website is the hub of all our marketing activity for Audley Villages, supporting each marketing campaign and playing a critical role as a conversion tool.


Sophisticated data planning, analytics and mapping are used to find new customers for Audley Villages in localised areas. Every Audley Village has been given it's own localised targeting model, unique to the geographic area and the people living there.

Taking this very site-specific approach to targeting has been a successful move for Audley Villages. Simply asking the data, “Who lives in this area?” instead of “Where, in this area, do Audley customers live?” is a subtle difference, but has led to a significant uplift in enquiries.

Direct Mail

A recent DMA survey* has revealed that consumers rank direct mail as their second most preferred channel to learn about new products (after email).

Using our unique, localised targeting models, direct mail has proved a highly effective channel for Audley Villages. With constant refining of pack formats, image selections and incentives, the results have continued to climb.

*DMA Acquisition and the consumer mindset 2018


Email plays a unique and important role in the Audley Villages marketing mix.

A highly personalised customer journey is delivered through our email marketing strategy; guiding the customer along their decision path, whilst staying firmly loyal to the brand values. Emails are designed to work in tandem with the direct mail and website and are tightly targeted using our own targeting models.

Social Media

Every customer touch point for Audley Villages is meticulously planned.

Using the targeting models designed for each village, we layered social media with email and direct mail to build out the customer experience across multiple touch points. Testing and refining the impact of social media for Audley Villages has proved the high value of this channel.


This multi-touchpoint strategy began with investment in one channel, testing, refining and layering new channels into the mix over time.

We continue to see results climb as we closely monitor activity; testing and refining targets, creative, format, incentives and channel mix. All targets have been exceeded for enquiries, website visits and appointments.

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