Development Banc of Wales

After a 2013 independent review into the availability of funding for small to medium sized enterprises in Wales revealed that there wasn’t much funding available for these types of businesses, the Development Bank of Wales was created to solve the issue. All that was left to do was to establish the Development Bank of Wales as an industry leader in the Welsh market.

Our research told us that people were unsure of what the Development Bank of Wales actually did. And they certainly didn’t think of it as somewhere to go when they needed financial help for their business.

More than anything, what we discovered was that seeking financial help is a sensitive and stressful topic for people, so we knew it was important to position Development Bank of Wales as a trustworthy and supportive source. In order to do this, we needed to zone in on how the organisation was a champion of Welsh business and Wales on the whole, with their best interests at heart.

We decided the best way to achieve this was by creating a distinctive brand and brand assets. This could then be deployed within a marketing strategy to convey a sense of stature and permanence while remaining approachable to small business owners. Internally, it would need to elicit a sense of pride, as well as providing context to the revised organisational purpose.

Following in-depth research groups and brand workshops with internal employees of Finance Wales together with a number of key stakeholders, we established their key brand values and creative direction. From this, we created a fresh brand which conveyed an approachable personality that was both aspirational and straight-forward, along with a strong Welsh connection through the use of the Red Kite signifying Welsh success. We also re-designed their website and developed the narrative of their new brand. And the results speak for themselves. Brand awareness has grown by **% and new enquires by XX%.

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