£47.8m pipeline leads for Briggs Equipment

Lead Generation Marketing Campaign


Briggs Equipment is an industrial equipment supplier. It’s the national dealer for Hyster and Yale forklifts and is one of JCB, Hako and JLG’s largest dealers in the UK.

Briggs tasked us with developing a lead generation marketing strategy to engage with more businesses with fleet sizes of 25 machines or more – in order to help build a bigger pipeline for its key accounts sales team.


We proposed a targeted campaign with messaging that focussed on offering an unbiased fleet assessment, followed by recommendations to improve efficiency and deliver cost savings.

The mail pack hung around the line ‘giving you a better view of your fleet’ and included a remote controlled drone, without the controller. Briggs would deliver the remote control if the prospect agreed to a face to face meeting. This was followed up with a series of calls by one of our lead generation marketing specialists.


The campaign contributed to a total pipeline of over £47m for the key accounts team from 2019 Golley Slater leads, compared to £8.8m from 2018 leads.


“We have been able to manage our brand message whilst understanding how to cut our prospect universe into market sectors. This combined with an internal restructure has resulted in sales growth of over 25% in 3 years. The numbers really do talk for themselves; our industry can have a long gestation period from lead to order, and as an example we closed a lead last year which was generated in 2016 and was worth over £1.74m in revenue.”

Leigh Edgley, Sales & Marketing Director