Golley Slater were hired by material handling specialists, Briggs Equipment in 2015 to help them create a new prospecting strategy which would drive their projected 3-year revenue growth.

Golley Slater initially created a data strategy which would see them creating a methodology to locate the 150,000 (the UK Material Handling prospect universe) number of active material handling units in the UK and understanding where each was in their life and renewal cycle.

Golley Slater have now (in June 2017, from a zero position) located almost 35% of this active base and understand from that the make and manufacturer of each unit and when they are likely to be replaced for a new unit.

The creation of this prospect universe has in turn generated a high quality new sales lead pipeline (over 5000 leads generated in 2 years) worth over £300m.

The insight captured daily from the prospect universe has also allowed Briggs to produce tactical direct marketing initiatives to pockets of the prospect universe ensuring the Briggs proposition remains front of mind, direct marcoms investments are highly targeted and Briggs overall marketing spend is more efficient.

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