Coca-Cola’s Virtual Sustainability Roadshow

Creating an immersive platform to bring to life an important message.


Coca-Cola Europacific Partners (CCEP) were looking to educate students about their sustainability action plan beyond traditional physical roadshows at university freshers’ fairs. They wanted to expand their audience reach and find an effective way of engaging the Gen Z audience where they are.



70% of Gen Z’s are interested in socialising in “in-game worlds” beyond gameplay.

Recognising the growing interest amongst this audience, we created an immersive, virtual platform to bring to life CCEP’s important message via their first-ever virtual roadshow. We designed, built, and developed the concept in Spatial ensuring accessibility on all internet browsers across all types of devices.  

Students were invited to explore different virtual spaces, each offering engaging quests to complete and opportunities to learn about sustainability initiatives. Each space was designed with the individual brands’ look and feel including Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, Sprite, Costa and Monster. 

To enhance the experience, participants could customise their avatars with various skins and clothing options. Additionally, to ensure we were also driving purchase, strategic messaging within the virtual environment encouraged students to pick up and try one of the Coca-Cola products in their university canteens or stores. 


A world without waste
water stewardship


The launch of the virtual sustainability roadshow marked a significant milestone for Coca-Cola Europacific Partners, positioning them at the forefront of virtual engagement strategies. 

“Fantastic to work with you as always on projects that are key to driving growth” 

Paul May – Senior Manager, Commercial Development – FOTG & W&I 

“Thanks so much for putting all these virtual worlds together, and all those hours spent on this, as I know we spoke about this idea for a while, and to see this project come to fruition is very exciting.” 

Lauren Zientek – Activation Manager, W&I 

In a world where consumers demand more than just products and services, businesses must adapt and embrace their role in society.

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