Launching a brand magazine

Bosch Rexroth


Bosch Rexroth develop safe, efficient, intelligent and powerful solutions for factory automation, mobile applications, machinery applications and engineering. They required a new brand identity for a magazine known to its audience as Drive & Control. This required a relaunch of the magazine on its digital platform as well as the ongoing generation of relevant and timely content.


Having previously been delivered in a simple newsletter format, the magazine underwent a complete revamp for both print and its new digital platform. This included the creation of a new identity, 7:51 and a dynamic new look that reflects Bosch Rexroth’s thought leadership positioning.


The new magazine’s identity was enthusiastically adopted and applied to various elements of activity at the Hannover Messer launch event. The entire print run of the magazines was distributed within just 3 days, rather than over the full period of the event.