Microban Shopper Journey POS

Shopper Marketing Campaign – Developing the launch of Microban in the UK


Due to the success of Microban in the US, P&G wanted to launch the product in the UK. Disrupting the cleaning category with the unique promise of long-lasting bacteria kill for 24 hours, even after multiple touches.

The challenge was to create a shopper marketing campaign which overcame key purchase barriers and persuaded shoppers that this was the best product for them. This was particularly relevant considering the global pandemic and the additional noise other brands were creating along the path to purchase.


Creating a shopper marketing campaign anchored in a key product claim, we created in store and online elements which delivered the right message at the right touchpoint, including high footfall areas and unique in-store, at shelf displays. This also included adaptations for the original TVC for local markets.

Aisle stopper