Canada’s second largest airline recently re-launched flights between Canada and the UK as part of their new Love Where You’re Going brand platform. Working with Canadian ad agency, Rethink, we were tasked with creating a campaign to promote this news and encourage Brits to book.

Research revealed that historically British people had always chosen the US over Canada for their long haul holidays. But, since 2016, this trend had been reversing. Political upheavals, taxations and new immigration policies were all cited as reasons for the decline in British trips to the US. What’s more, research showed Brits felt a closer affiliation to Canada and Canadian culture than the US; they believed Canadians and British people shared similar values. We decided to jump on this opportunity – taking the chance to make Canada, not America, the destination of choice for British holiday makers. We created a campaign based on the things that connect Canada and UK – whether it’s the love of nature, a pride in politeness or an appreciation for a good old cup of tea.

The campaign only launched in February 2019, but early indications are looking very positive, with web traffic, flight searches and bookings up YoY in the UK since campaign launch.

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