Superfast Broadband

Having already done the hard work of creating superfast broadband with faster upload and download speeds, the Welsh Government called us in to help them launch a Wales-wide campaign that could show off the benefits of superfast broadband.

After some initial research, we found that people in the 22 local authorities we were trying to target were often disillusioned by national campaigns. They felt the ads were vague and didn’t understand the issues of their local community and that the services promoted were irrelevant and unrealistic to them.

It was clear to us that in order to engage these people, we had to show the public how Superfast could benefit people just like them. Therefore, we decided to target locally, changing the messaging in different areas so that it was relevant to people living there.

We broke down our campaign into six weekly periods, concentrating on two local authority areas concurrently. For each area, we created real life case studies about people from the area to feature in our PR and advertising materials, explaining how Superfast had improved their lives.

To ensure the campaign picked up traction, we left no stone unturned. Although we lead with PR activities, we then further supported this with local radio, outdoor and digital adverts to reinforce our message. And it paid off. In the first year, we generated a total of 72 pieces of coverage, reaching an audience of 2,104,855 people.

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