No Second Chances

Educating young people in South Wales on the dangers of trespassing on railway lines.

burnt trainer on billboard


Between April 2021 and March 2022, 15 people lost their lives trespassing on railway lines. In Cardiff and the valleys, there were over 1,000recorded instances of anti-social behaviour on the railway, mostly involving young people trespassing.

With the introduction of overhead line equipment (OLE) in South Wales, anti-social behaviour became even more dangerous. Transport for Wales began electrifying the railway as part of their “Metro” development. This meant that many railway lines now carried 25,000 volts of overhead electricity. Massively increasing the risk of serious injury or death for those trespassing.

We needed to keep young people in South Wales safe.


During research and engagement with the target audience, we found that the second hand clothing market, and fashion in general,
was popular within the target audience. So, we created our own second-hand clothing store, “No Second Chances”.

But ours was a clothing store with a difference.

Our clothing carried a serious message. Each item was distressed and destroyed to replicate the result of 25,000 volts of electricity.
With a thought-provoking backstory that named the individual and how their clothing became available to buy.

‘No Second Chances’ store was advertised across digital and social media, as well as OOH advertisements in key South Wales locations, with the focal point being a pop-up shop in Cardiff’s St Davids Centre.

No Second Chances isn’t a real clothing store, but it is a message.
Trespass on the railway means your clothes may live on.
But you won’t.


  • 50% reduction in trespass on the railway lines in Cardiff & Valleys YOY
  • 227k view on our influencer content
  • Awareness that overhead line equipment is always live increased by 16.9%
  • Awareness that electrification was happening increased by 13.8%
  • 4.6m opportunities to see our media coverage
  • Awareness that contact with overhead line equipment could be fatal increased by 4.3%