Helping P&G Clean Up with Mrs Hinch 

Social Media Campaign – 2 million Instagram hits and a campaign so successful, people stole the POS!


To unlock incremental retail space and drive sales of P&G products in the Household, Laundry and Pet Categories using their partnership with the clean influencer, Mrs Hinch.

Originally briefed to deliver the 2019 Spring Clean campaign, but due to the success of this, we were asked to activate numerous shopper campaigns across several retailers and different calendar moments from 2019 and through 2020.


With Mrs Hinch’s large social following (+3m), our job was to create a social media campaign to demonstrate how an influencer partnership could be activated along the path-to-purchase with shopper creative and messaging.

It was important to us that what we created resonated with her audience, took into consideration her requests (including one for no imagery of her or her family to be used) and ensure that the P&G products had a place.


We created a suite of illustrations of her, her home and her dog Henry which, along with messaging that incorporated her ‘catch-phrases’, (Hinch Army, All The Best, etc), allowed us to deliver campaigns that were relevant to the chosen calendar moment (Christmas, Summer, Pet Week, etc), the shopper and the retailer itself, ranging from discounters to major mults.

In addition to this, we helped to launch her exclusive scent for Bold and Lenor, Winter Wonderland, across both packaging and shopper communications. Throughout various campaigns, Mrs Hinch has utilised the assets on her social channels helping to drive engagement away from shelf.




Additional space unlocked in store. Increased retailer engagement with several requesting their own version of the campaign. Increased sales across the Household & Laundry categories for P&G brands within several discounters. Finally, shoppers taking POS displays home!