Promoting Zip World’s ‘Tower’ Zipline

Using digital & social media advertising including YouTube, Google Search and Google Display.


Having successfully worked with Zip World previously, we were in the best position to drive sales for their new zipline. We understood the brand, their audience and the best platforms for achieving results.


Our strategy involved the use of multiple platforms to reach as many relevant people as possible.

We also implemented a retargeting strategy to increase the chance of generating sales. Our multi-platform strategy included a social media approach that was made up of multiple campaigns each targeting a different segment of the audience. To better resonate with the various audience segments, we changed the creatives and messaging.

A similar approach was taken with Google Search and Google Display, as well as YouTube. A wide range of creatives and copy ensured our messaging stayed fresh and that Zip World remained ‘top of mind’.


We achieved some amazing results with this campaign.

Over 10 million impressions were generated which led to 256k clicks. Across all platforms, the CPC was just £0.20. CTR sat at 2.52%, with Google Search achieving the highest percentage out of all the platforms at 21.42%. Our YouTube activity was also a success as we generated 565k video views and view-through rate of 32.4% overall. This is above the YouTube published average.

Our mix of engaging content and smart audience produced a very successful campaign that over delivered for Zip World and produced an excellent return on investment.