Get to know your oils with Princes

Educating shoppers on the power of choosing the right cooking oil 


Oil is where the cooking journey begins but a lot of consumers aren’t aware of just how much choosing the right oil can elevate your dish. Our brief from Princes was to bring emotion and purpose to what has become a very functional and commoditised category, educating shoppers on the differences in the oils with a full category bay takeover 



Firstly, we had to ensure the photography, colour palette and headline copy would drive intrigue and dwell time at fixture. The photography played a key part in the creative, visually demonstrating the meals and oils which best complement each other. The colour palette was chosen to aid navigation, aligning closely to the various packaging colours and to help customers shop the different types of oils (olive, rapeseed, corn and sunflower).  

The copy guided the shopper and educated them further on how to combine the oils with the different types of meals.  

The takeover featured various barkers, floor stickers and aisle fins to call out the fixture, gain stand out and appeal.  


The category takeover has gone live across the entire Morrisons estate with such positive results that we have now been briefed to look at how we can adapt seasonally for Sainsbury’s.  

“They look AMAZING! Thank you for getting these over the line. I really like the 3D floor stickers. Definitely eye-catching.” 

Amy Ikin, Senior Digital Marketing Manager, Princes