Transport for Wales  

PR campaign – Promoting sustainable travel to schools and local communities


Transport for Wales (TfW) exists to drive forward the Welsh Government’s vision of a high quality, safe, integrated, affordable, and accessible transport network that the people of Wales are proud of.

TfW briefed our PR campaign agency team to develop a campaign to include children in the journey to a more sustainable transport network.

A key objective was to improve understanding of a new fleet of trains and to encourage sustainable modal shift and use of public transport. The campaign needed to engage with multiple audiences 1) Teachers at primary schools throughout Wales and the Borders 2) Primary Results: school teachers throughout Wales and the Borders 3) Parents and communities to increase awareness of the changes TfW is making to the public transport network and build positive community relationships.



Golley Slater’s approach was to build awareness through a train naming competition and invite primary school children in Wales and the Borders to name the new fleet of trains entering service from 2022/23. We designed a fun and appealing identity and interactive game for the campaign, based on the concept of ‘The magnificent train journey’, including sustainable travel content.


We created an inspiring, interactive resource pack (physical and digital) for primary schools, featuring lesson plans and resources relevant to the Key Stage 2 curriculum. We created a direct digital/mail campaign targeted at schools and local authority education teams to raise awareness of the competition to encourage participation, as well as targeted social media for relevant communities.