CES 2022 Highlights: A Peek into the Future…

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To kick off the new year, our Creative Innovation team took a virtual trip to the CES 2022 Tech Conference. Whilst we couldn’t visit Vegas in person, following along digitally from the comfort of our homes was still mind-blowing!

Arguably the most influential tech event in the world, CES is a chance for consumer brands and tech companies to unveil their innovations to a worldwide stage.

Brace yourselves, our Senior Art Director, Paul Sheldon and Head of Agency, Emma Thompson are about to give you the low down on the latest creative innovation from the conference…


Sony surprises everyone by entering the automotive industry

In spring’22, Sony is set to establish a new company, Sony Mobility Inc, accelerating its commercial launch of a Sony EV. This is a very big deal, since it beats Apple to the punch. Rumours of an Apple iCar have been doing the rounds for years and here comes Sony showing off every attractive EV SUV in the flesh or metal!

Electronic consumer brands stepping up and entering the automotive sector with their own new electric vehicles is something we should expect to see more of in 2022 and beyond.

Black & Decker Bev: The Bartender Robot launches in Spring 2022

We admit, this could be slightly more attractive to the eye, but this pod-based cocktail robot can mix a drink in just 30 seconds to your liking! With barcode-laden cocktail pods and a vacuum to suck up your alcohol of choice, you can create automated cocktails in seconds - Bringing the convenience of an at-home craft cocktail experience to life!

Sound ONLY YOU can hear…WITHOUT headphones!?

Crazy cool technology has been used in this Noveto N1 soundbar which will track your head in real-time, using facial recognition to stay locked onto you. It will then use beamforming to direct the sound to small audio pockets around your ears, meaning only you will be able to hear the sound.

Imagine video calls without headphones! Or a home cinema that doesn’t disturb the neighbours – what a dream!

LG’s Omnipod: All the things you can do when you’re not driving

Looking ahead to when fully autonomous driving is a reality, LG answers the question of what we’ll do when we no longer have to drive our cars. The answer: we work, shop, and live inside what LG describes as an autonomous home on wheels.

This concept vehicle features retractable furniture alongside a sprawling “Meta Environment” display system with 360 interior screens that can transport you anywhere! A virtual human A.I. Concierge Service will assist retail experiences and any other whims of its passengers. Get a real feel for how amazing the future could be right here.

Samsung opens virtual store in Decentraland

During CES 2022, Samsung opened their virtual store in Decentraland to create a crossover with its physical flagship store events. Operating for a limited time only, users are invited to explore the “adventure playground” and earn NFT rewards by completing tasks.

The Metaverse experience includes three zones, The Connected Theatre, which showcases news from Samsung’s stage at CES 2022, The Sustainable Forest, which includes a “Journey through Millions of Trees” to mark the morning, Corporate Sustainability, and Custom Stages.

This was then followed by a live supermarket dance party hosted by DJ Gamma Vibes at 837, where NFT badge holders were entered into a raffle to win a Samsung swag for their Decentraland avatar!

Laundry brand Tide develop a detergent for the international space station!

In collaboration with NASA, Tide is sending a prototype detergent called ‘Tide Infinity’ up into orbit. The unscented, fully degradable formula is safe for a closed-loop water system, just like the one used on the ISS.

Currently, astronauts on the International Space Station have to re-wear clothes over and over again until new ones arrive in supply shipments. Tide says it hopes to apply findings from its experiments to its product ranges, in the hope to make our earthbound laundry processes more sustainable. If it’s good enough for NASA, then it’s good enough for us!

The health & wellness ‘Movano Ring’ that goes beyond step counts

A new approach to fitness wearables could be on the horizon as we see the launch of the Movano Ring. This ring goes beyond just step counts and can measure a variety of health metrics including more major chronic illnesses, blood oxygen levels, heart rate/heart rate variability, temperature, respiration, calories consumed and sleep.

It’s scheduled to launch late 2022.

HTC VIVE’s 5G VR headset

With all the buzz about the future metaverse, it’s not surprising that this year’s CES featured a feast of headsets and goggles. But HTC’s new “portable, private 5G experience” VIVE Focus 3 is one that’s definitely got us excited…

It’s a lightweight, wireless all-in-one VR headset with 5G connectivity, making it perfect for on the go. With high-definition display and all the heavy rendering done wirelessly, it also means the current limitations of processing isn’t an issue for developers – allowing for a much wider scope of endless possibilities.

With Apple rumoured to be announcing its AR/VR headset this, we’re hoping it includes some of these exciting features.

A look into the future of ‘The Ultimate Metaverse Wearable’ from InWith Corp

InWith Corporation took to CES 2022 to announce the most advanced platform for viewing the upcoming metaverse. Imagine soft contact lenses that enable an easy transition from the real world to the Metaverse? Sounds almost unimaginable. But that’s exactly what InWith is now planning to achieve.

(Once they’ve received the FDA Clearance to start putting futuristic contact lenses on the market, of course!)

This technology is a long way from being the vision we imagine, but it’s very exciting to think about what’s to come.

One last thing...and maybe the weirdest gadget yet!

Avoid burnout with the robotic ‘Amagami Ham Ham’ by Yukai Engineering

Amagami Ham Ham has an algorithm called a “Hamgorithm” that selects one of more than 20 nibbling patterns, so you’ll never be sure exactly what you’ll feel when you shove your digit into the cute little robots’ mouth!

Yukai Engineering designed the patterns — which include Tasting Ham, Massaging Ham and Suction Ham — to replicate the feeling of a baby or pet nibbling on one’s finger.

Designed to de-stress, calm and relax the user and promote wellbeing.


We hope you’ve enjoyed our CES 2022 highlights reel. Whilst it’s impossible to cover the sheer number of announcements from the 2000+ exhibitors, this is just a small glimpse of what caught our eye. 2022 and beyond is looking pretty exciting!

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