Smoothly does it for Gillette Skinguard

Shopper Marketing Launch – Delivering shopper marketing support for one of the biggest Gillette NPD launches in recent years  

Man shaving


When Gillette launched the Skinguard Razor in 2018 it proposed a huge challenge for the brand.

For the first time ever, it was the launch of a new Gillette razor that didn’t promise to deliver the closest shave ever. Instead, it looked to solve a problem for many men who suffer from sensitive skin and therefore found the act of shaving uncomfortable and something that was done as little as possible.

We were asked to help support the launch into the retail space, working with the team to deliver a range of proposals for the different retailers.


Razor and shaving gel 'designed to stop irriration'

The campaign was all about focusing on the product benefit and the fact that this was a product designed specifically for sensitive skin. The plan was to have this message at the forefront of all comms, so that the core Gillette user didn’t purchase the product expecting a close shave and end up being disappointed. 

The brand colours are quite recessive for a store environment. Therefore, we had to work to draw out the stronger colours, and deliver a standout launch campaign across the board.  

Close up of Gillette razor blades


Our brief differed depending on the retailer.  A lot of our focus was on delivering the retailer sell-ins. For some retailers, that meant the production of full-size instore display prototypes which really brought the product benefits to life for the end-user. For others, it was theming and producing materials for the actual customer sell-in meetings.  

When it came to final POSM delivery, our creative team pulled together a full suite of materials for sell-ins which ultimately contributed to the delivery of an unmissable shopper marketing launch campaign in-store.  



Following the successful launch, we were briefed to create a cover wrap for the Metro newspaper. This had one of the highest recall rates for a morning cover wrap and outperformed the benchmark for all measures.

9 in 10 commuters recalled seeing the cover wrap!