Gillette Venus Photography  

Creation of a suite of social media campaign images to illustrate the Gillette Venus product range


We were asked to create a social media campaign image library for the Venus team in Germany. This needed to showcase the differences in products – from the ingredients in the soap bars on the blades, to the unique design of the handles.  



Our approach was to create 3 images for each different product, showing as a flat lay, in a bathroom setting and as a shelfie; putting Venus at the centre of your beauty routine.

We worked with the client to understand the inspiration and ingredients for each product and then worked with the styling team to source props and sets to create the look for each product.  

We then worked a live shoot with the client who approved each image as we worked through to create a beautiful library of images.  


The images have been used on the @gillettevenusde Instagram page to promote the different products in the range   

‘These look amazing! Thank you’ 

Ragna Taube, Senior Brand Manager, Gillette Venus