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We changed the perception of public transport to encourage the people of Wales back to the Transport for Wales network. 

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Welsh public were asked to stay at home, keep their distance from others and avoid using public transport. This resulted in the demand for public transport at an all-time low, perceptions being negative and a dramatic reduction in revenue. 



To encourage people back onto public transport and active travel, we needed to begin instilling behaviour change across Wales, shifting the nation from a car dominant nation to one that makes more sustainable travel choices in a post-pandemic world.

We developed a strategic brand-led campaign, working with behavioural scientists, research partners and our award-winning creative team to create a new positioning for the brand that had the ability for long-term brand building, and short-term sales activations.

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“The Real Social Network” positions Transport for Wales as a network that facilitates real life connections, builds communities, and helps people access opportunities – the true meaning of a social network. A network where status updates really mean something, the tears aren’t emojis and you can spend your time strolling, not scrolling. 

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Filmed at 10 locations across Wales, The Real Social Network features a diverse range of demographics, showing people of different ages, genders and backgrounds using public transport to re-connect with family and friends, get out and about to the places they love, and explore new destinations. Activated across TV, radio, OOH, social media, digital display and as part of Wales’ first bilingual ITV Wales Weather sponsorship, this was Wales’ first brand-led, multi-modal public transport campaign. 


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“The pandemic has made us all think about what really matters to us.

We’re all keen to get back to normal life and this campaign focuses on how we reconnect with people and places we’ve missed seeing. The Real Social Network encourages us all to rethink how we travel, plan journeys, and make sustainable travel choices not only today but also in the future.

If we all use public transport more, we can safely get back to the ‘real world’, whilst playing our part in helping to limit the impact of climate change.”

Neil James

Head of Brand, Transport for Wales


Once establishing the campaign at a brand level, we flexed the proposition to work for a number of tactical sales-driven messages for the rail, bus, and active travel arms of the business. The real social network provided a creative platform for a fully-integrated, coherant campaign.


  • 1 in 5 people said it made them more likely to think about public transport
  • Spontaneous awareness of TfW increased by 8%
  • New users to the TfW brand website increased by 23%
  • New users to the TfW active travel website increased by 426%
  • New users to the TfW bus website increased by 531%
  • New users to the TfW rail website increased by 1308%