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August 14th, 2022

Curious Thoughts: Creative Overspill

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As a conceptual creative, you think, a lot. Too much sometimes, but we’ll cover that another time. One of the side effects of thinking all the time, is that your brain doesn’t just think about the brief at hand. Once your brain is away and running like a Covid party at the Johnson’s, it regularly steps out of the confines of the brief and into a world that has no practical use to anybody. Here are just a few of the pointless thoughts I’ve had whilst working on very real briefs.

Why don’t you see Turkey eggs in shops?

You see chicken, duck, even Ostrich (they’re the size of a baby’s head), but never Turkey. If you’re interested, it’s because Turkey’s lay less eggs and the ones that are laid are all kept and reared for Christmas.

The next pointless thought is…

How long would it take to paint yourself into a room and not be able to escape?

One layer of paint is 1/32 of an inch thick, meaning that every time you paint a room in your house, it gets smaller. I’m not suggesting that you try this, not only will you literally be watching a lot of paint dry, but eventually your will be crushed to death, in your own living room, by Eggshell-White.

The next one is unpleasant but isn’t it weird that your stomach is full of sick all of the time!? You only tend to think about it, once it’s exited your body. Anyway, enjoy your lunch.

And finally, will there ever be a serial killer who disposes of his victims using only his food recycling bin? And how long would it take?

For more weird creative thoughts, join us again soon…

Paul Williams has been with Golley Slater for over 15 years! . He’s worked on some fantastic campaigns for Mitsubishi Motors, The British Army and most recently, The Welsh Government. As one of our brilliant creatives, he’s great at coming up with unexpected ideas and solutions that have never been done before…

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