Get Back to Where You Belong

Automotive Advertising – Mitsubishi Motors ASX TV Campaign

The Challenge

Mitsubishi were looking for a low-cost, shareable piece of content to position the ASX as the car of choice for people looking to escape the daily grind and into the countryside.

To answer this brief, we delved into what people in the UK might need to escape from. The answer was hardly surprising – Brits were constantly looking to leave their money and work worries behind and get away from it all.

The Solution

We created a mockumentary-style piece of content in which overworked human beings are held in a zoo-like sanctuary. The zoo is filled with accountants, chefs and supermarket cashiers, all of whom are at breaking point due to work stress.

The tongue-in-cheek ad focuses on the rehabilitation of one accountant, ‘Colin’, who is finally ready to be released back to the wild, driving off with his family in an ASX.


The film has been very well received in the media, with publications like The Drum, Little Black Book and Ad Age featuring it in their top ads of the week.

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