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Bosch Rexroth is a technology driven, global brand, operating in an increasingly automated marketplace. With a heritage firmly rooted in the principles of efficiency and precision – how will the business adjust to appeal to its growing audience of Millennials?

When we were invited to join the team responsible for humanising Bosch Rexroth’s B2B communications, we were confident we were the right agency to take up the challenge.

“As an agency, Golley Slater Results Marketing has its roots in the Direct Marketing industry, and we’re well aware of the importance of humanising communications. In our early years, it became part of our DNA to break with the formulaic mould of traditional DM and engage with audiences on deeper, more emotional terms.”

Suzanne Coleman, Managing Director

This heritage has put the agency in an excellent position to develop B2B communications that draw on the emotional currency of the brands they represent.

Thanks to data driven insight and the strategic value added by our planners, we can craft propositions which resonate with a Millennial business audience on a far more personal level.

Driven through close collaboration with the client, our insight driven solutions are often delivered with a twist of engaging logic or humour.

Appealing to B2B Millennials on a global scale.

The initial challenge set by Bosch Rexroth was to rebrand their global B2B communication Drive and Control Magazine; a publication which had positioned technical content above the engagement of its audience.

Our response led to the development of 7:51 Magazine, an offline publication and blog, www.751.rexroth, which recognised its audiences’ desire for insight and direction in the rapidly developing era of Industry 4.0.

Bosch Rexroth’s emotional commitment to deliver the Factory of the Future is now brought to life through 7:51 and its bold, ambitious editorial content. The audience can share in this through the revitalised magazine, or visit the blog for the latest updates and insight.

“By leading on an emotion angle, supported by the logic necessary to maintain the trust of a technology literate audience, 7:51 has helped to transform the business’ approach to offline and online B2B communications.”

Debi O'Brien, Account Director

Tips on winning over your Millennial audience.

Our own Millennial, Creative Director and brand aficionado Ben Keylock, offers his guidance on successfully identifying and appealing to a modern business audience.

  • Always consider what proportion of your target audience is under 35. This group form the largest and fastest growing audience of professionals in the workforce.
  • Appreciate that Millennials are well-informed and grew up with a wealth of information at their fingertips via the internet.
  • These digital natives are ‘seekers’ of information and brands. They do not respond well to being ‘identified’ and ‘targeted’.
  • Their primary resource for information is using a business’ website' to evaluate and support their buying decisions.
  • Businesses must engage information-rich Millennials in a more holistic way by relating to them with their brand story, their values and social commitments.
  • Millennials are no longer the newcomers to the workforce – they are increasingly the buyers, decision makers and key influencers.


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