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January 16th, 2024

Our 2024 Charity of the Year: Lia’s Wings

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We’re thrilled to announce that Lia’s Wings, a national charity providing vital air transfer services for children and babies, has been selected as our Charity of the Year for 2024. This decision comes as a result of a collective vote by our employees, clients, suppliers and the public, reflecting our commitment to support causes that deeply resonate with our team.

Lia’s Wings holds a special place in our hearts, particularly for our Growth Director, Bex Berry, who experienced firsthand the invaluable support provided by the charity. In December 2022, Bex and her son Evan faced a challenging situation when Evan was born prematurely, requiring urgent medical attention far from home. Lia’s Wings swiftly came to their aid, facilitating a seamless aeroplane ambulance transfer from Brighton to Wakefield, ensuring Evan received the necessary neonatal care close to home. Reflecting on her experience, Bex expressed profound gratitude for the professionalism, knowledge, and kindness shown by the Lia’s Wings team during this very stressful time.

Inspired by Bex’s incredible journey and the amazing work of Lia’s Wings, our agencies came together in full force to back this cause, showing an overwhelming amount of support. Even up against tough competition, Lia’s Wings won our hearts, highlighting the caring spirit of our team.

Melanie Fisher, our Campaign Manager, and charity committee lead, echoes the sentiment of our team, stating, “I’m thrilled that Lia’s Wings has been chosen as our Charity of the Year. It was so lovely to see everyone from across our offices come together and vote for a charity that is close to our hearts. Even those unfamiliar with Bex’s story were moved to select this charity. This decision truly reflects the culture of support that defines our agency, and I’m very excited to channel this enthusiasm into fundraising activities over the year in support of Lia’s Wings.”

In collaboration with Lia’s Wings and our agency charity champions, we will be organising a series of fundraising initiatives across Cardiff, Leeds, and Cirencester. These efforts will include challenge events, team-building activities, and pro-bono support, all aimed at supporting Lia’s Wings’ essential air transfer service and family care offerings.

Every penny raised through our partnership will contribute to Lia’s Wings’ mission of expanding their air transfer services both nationally and internationally, building on the momentum of their record-breaking year in 2023. Additionally, funds will support the development of tailored emotional and practical support programs for families with premature babies or critically ill children in hospitals.

Charlotte Young, CEO of Lia’s Wings, shares our excitement for the partnership, remarking, “We are absolutely thrilled to have been chosen as Golley Slater’s Charity of the Year! We are so glad that we could help Evan, Bex, and Simon during what was an incredibly difficult time for them all, and we are so grateful for the support we have received from them since his air transfer. This is going to be an incredible partnership that is going to help us reach more children like Evan.”

As we begin this partnership with Lia’s Wings, we invite our colleagues, clients, and community to join us in making a meaningful difference in the lives of children and families in need.

Stay tuned for updates on our fundraising events and ways you can get involved in supporting Lia’s Wings’ mission.