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A Data Marketplace is a platform where you can buy and sell different types of data sets.

When Integrated within Programmatic software, the data marketplace allows us to make powerful and effective Digital Programmatic Campaigns.

How advertisers & brands determine if you’re a good fit for their products and services

If you browse the internet, use a smartphone or even just have a debit card, you’ll have a “data portrait”. So, last time you completed a BuzzFeed quiz to find out what “Disney princess” you are (and accepted cookies), you told data aggregators that you’re someone who is interested in online quizzes and also has an affinity to the Disney franchise.

Think of it like this…

Every action you make online and offline leaves a digital fingerprint. It’s a bit like a trail of breadcrumbs that when combined and added to data segments, helps paint an accurate representation of your likes, dislikes, and behaviours.

Every time you visit a website, accept cookies and read an article, you’re being added into relevant data segments to make your advertising experience more tailored and less intrusive.

Our Trading Manager, Jake, bought a Christmas jumper. Then an hour later, he showed a client his online data profile. The last segment he was active in was retail > shopping > debit card payment >  clothing & apparel > jumpers & tops > festive. It’s that quick and that accurate.

How data targeting works in campaign set-up

When setting up a standard programmatic campaign, we search through the data Marketplace to find relevant data from the likes of The Nielson Marketing CloudOracle BlueKaiExperianLotame, Dun & Bradstreet etc. This enhances our targeting ability, making your campaigns tighter with the least wastage.

At Golley Slater, we run all programmatic campaigns in-house. With access to large data marketplaces, we tailor our campaigns using multiple data suppliers rather than just one or two.

We help brands be as effective as possible with their communications strategy

As an agency, we can set up campaigns and change targeting upon deployment based on the needs of our clients. Take, for example, the rapidly changing information and advice around COVID-19. If a business needs to communicate about the closure of sites or update their messaging based on government advice, we can do this within a matter of minutes.

Smart speaker inventory is rapidly forming new data segments within the marketplace. (Something that until recently was not available and still is not “widely” available.) This means we can now serve a targeted audio ad to households during peak times of the day.

With a huge increase of these types of devices being used during home working hours, we’re able to optimise our client campaigns. These campaigns also run at a fraction of the cost of traditional radio ads and operate on the same buying principles as display and video, making a radio ad (with data targeting) effective and affordable for clients.

Closely aligned to ever-changing user behaviour

With backing from the biggest data suppliers in the world, we’re able to quickly adjust to a digitally nomadic audience across multiple devices, no matter where the users are and at times where messaging may need to change quickly.

If your business needs to quickly distribute messaging, we can launch a campaign in just a couple of hours. By using climate-relevant messaging across smart devices, laptops, tablets, and mobile, we’ll help you reach a wide audience, that’s tightly aligned to your business proposition.